Dark Bali

Dark Bali


Notice - this item will not restock in 2021. 


The charm on this necklace includes your unique BRANDED number and the initials of the survivor who made it. You can read about the survivor who made it here and register your unique number here along with a message of hope.


To learn more about our Branded Collective collaboration click here.


15% of the profit from this necklace will be donated to Dark Bali.

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  • Dark Bali is a non-profit organization which aims to represent and strengthen a growing coalition of NGOs and residents of Bali who are committed to combating sex trafficking in Bali. Dark Bali's vision is to see sex slavery abolished and the broken lives of sex slaves restored through creating awareness, empowering advocacy, and building partnerships for the prevention, rescue, and restoration of the trafficked children in Bali. 

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