our mission

Our mission is to fight human trafficking through…

raising awareness

Awareness events are a powerful tool to fight human trafficking. Throughout the year, we host events to educate others and encourage them to take action. Click here if you would like to learn more about our past and upcoming events.  

We also love to attend events! If you would like to have Jars of Hope at your next event, please contact us - we would love to hear from you.

advancing the gospel

Filled with broken pieces of glass glitter, these necklaces serve as a reminder of the Gospel. We know that God is taking the broken pieces of this world and making them into something beautiful. We know this is only possible through the life, death, and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. Because he defeated sin and death - we proclaim hope, freedom, and life eternal

to those enslaved. 

giving back

With each purchase we donate 25% of the proceeds to our organizations. We also raise funds for them through our events and awareness campaigns.

building community

We build community through our awareness events and volunteer opportunities. We want to ignite a fire in people's hearts to fight this massive injustice. After our events and outreach initiatives we want people to leave feeling confident in their ability to make a difference. Trafficking is a massive issue and we believe in the power of community to break the chains of injustice. When we come together to raise awareness and serve others we are able to shine a light on this dark issue. Click here to get involved.

empowering people

Everything we do begins and ends with people. When you buy a necklace you become an abolitionist. We want to remind others that no matter how large or small their action step, they can make a difference.


We also empower victims of human trafficking with each purchase. The proceeds donated fund the efforts of our organizations as they empower survivors. Our organizations provide love, hope and healing for a brand new life. Survivors are being empowered throughout the world with each necklace sold.

ethical manufacturing

Jars of Hope sources all material through ethical manufacturing companies. We partner with small businesses in the United States and Germany to supply our glass vials and glass glitter. Learn more about our ethical standards here.

our fundamental belief

Our mission is anchored in the Gospel (Good News) of a historic accomplishment that took place 2,000 years ago. This Gospel is that Jesus Christ, as truly God and truly man, lived a perfect life for us and suffered the punishment we deserve for our sins. We believe that Jesus, nailed to a cross one afternoon, bore the eternal wrath we deserved for our offense of sin before a Holy God. From this, we are able to find rest and peace in this life knowing that Christ has become our righteousness and our eternity with him is certain.

It is our prayer that both victims of human trafficking and their perpetrators would come to know of this liberating freedom. Through the strength Christ gives us to move forward, we are able to shine his light in the darkness. We will continue this ministry in full confidence that the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. 


Each jar is a symbol of this hope and freedom that we long to see made known among one of the darkest issues in the world today. Will you take action with us?