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Jars of Hope would not be where it is today without its incredible volunteers. Liberty University students have served with Jars of Hope from the beginning. What started as a small group has grown into fifty students serving each semester. These students come together to make jars, host awareness events, sell on campus and so much more.  

While our main avenue of team members comes from Liberty, there is one specific volunteer in New Jersey that stands out from the rest...


The story of Grandma Martha..

For over 20 years my grandpa was paralyzed from the neck down. He loved the Lord and no matter what his circumstance the joy He had in Christ radiated through him. Grandma Martha never left his side... she fed him and changed him and read to him even after having four strokes. This definitely slowed her down but her joy wasn’t stolen from her. Why? Because that joy wasn’t given to her from the world, it came through knowing Christ.


My grandpa died when I was in high school and with my grandma being unable to drive (because of her strokes) it left her feeling purposeless.. all those years serving her husband, the church and her family and now she felt like she couldn't do much. When Jars of Hope started she desperately wanted to help but it was hard to find the right job for her. BUT GOD provided the perfect job for this sweet lady in due time. 


At age 85, Grandma Martha helps send ripples of hope across the globe with each pouch she creates. When we ship orders, each jar comes in a pouch filled with paper hearts and a business card. This is the work of my wonderful grandma who spends each day filling those pouches.


Every single day she punches hearts out of scrapbook paper and hand picks the colors to go in each pouch. When you receive your necklace know that those hearts are made with love.

 It is such a joy to be able to hear her say, “You know Jenn, this has become the highlight of my day - I get to sing to Jesus while I work and even do this in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. It gives me so much purpose and I am happy to do this for you and the Lord.” It has been such a blessing to see her flourish through this simple task. At her old age it has been hard for her to find a sense of purpose with each day - this job has given her just that!

"It gives me so much purpose and I am happy to do this for you and the Lord."

- Grandma Martha