human trafficking

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world. With an estimated 40+ million enslaved, it is easy to become overwhelmed and believe this is too big of an issue to ever truly make a difference.

only 1% of victims

are ever rescued


source: A21 Campaign

Every minute

four children

are forced into

human trafficking


source: International Sanctuary

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$150 billion

dollar industry

(Generating more than starbucks, google, & nike combined)


source: Exodus Cry

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40.3 million

victims globally

(more than any other before in human history)


source: ILO

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It’s easy to look at these statistics and believe this is

too big of an issue to ever make a difference…

however, change is possible and it starts with you.



than a


When you buy a necklace you help write a new narrative for those enslaved. We long to see captives set free and their lives restored. Our organizations continue to relentlessly fight human trafficking around the world. They break the chains of slavery and give hope to survivors. Their doors are open for these precious souls to live and dream again. Without you this wouldn't be possible. While you may not be able to see the impact of your purchase, we promise it goes so much further than you think. Together, we are sending ripples of hope across the globe and changing the world for God's glory.

how your purchase makes a difference

Because of you, we are able

to help organizations…

prevent trafficking

Our organizations educate thousands through events and awareness campaigns. They train national leaders, law enforcement, school teachers and entire communities on the issue of human trafficking and how to recognize the signs.

Provide rescue and restoration

Some of our organizations work with law enforcement to find children and families who are victims of trafficking. After a rescue mission is complete, they help meet the victims’ urgent needs by taking them to a safe home. At the safe home the individual receives food, medical care, counseling and education.

Provide outreach opportunities

Many of our organizations meet victims right where they are. These outreach opportunities occur monthly where victims receive immediate aid and gifts. They are shining a light in the darkest corners of red light districts, brothels, and strip clubs around the world. It is an honor to have Jars of Hope necklaces used as some of gifts during these outreach trips.