Hi friend! 

My name is Jennifer Olson and I am the Founder of Jars of Hope. I found out about human trafficking my junior year of high school and the reality of this issue absolutely broke my heart. I listened to the testimony of a woman who was trafficked in the United States by her boyfriend and was enslaved to years of abuse and neglect. This woman explained how she had bad relationships with friends, boyfriends and family members growing up. She explained how she had deep insecurity issues and was looking to find her place in the world. These words struck me to my core because I was experiencing the same struggles. 

I dedicated my life to Jesus my junior year of high school and I couldn't help but ask the Lord, "why wasn't that me?" It could have been me that was trafficked and led astray but he chose to call me to Himself for a specific purpose. To God be glory.


I praise the Lord that this woman came to know Jesus Christ and after hearing her testimony I needed to take action to help fight this injustice.  


During my sophomore year of college I began painting mason jars that focused on a different issue each month. For example, the first month was focused on the issue of jiggers in Africa and we donated 100% of the proceeds at the end of the month to an orphanage in Kenya. People would receive information inside of the jar about the issue and how they can help others further. 

A few months into this not so crafty project of mine I felt the Lord wanted me to direct the focus of the mason jars entirely on human trafficking. Shortly after the focus shifted, the idea for necklaces came about. The necklaces were filled with regular glitter and tied with string (see gallery above for a photo) Fast forward some more and the idea for glass glitter came about to represent God taking the broken pieces of our lives and making them into something beautiful. The progression and growth of this business is solely by the grace of God. Without Him these ideas would have never came to be and the connections made over the few years in business would never have been made. I pray this business continues to grow for His glory and more people would come to know of His great love for us. 

There are millions of people enslaved in the world today and I am so grateful to be able to play a little part in the fight against this vast injustice. I am thankful for YOU for supporting Jars of Hope. Without your support this business would not exist. You are a freedom fighter and a world changer. Never lose hope because God is the healer of souls, both yours and mine and the millions hurting around the world.