We believe that we are better together. Throughout the year we host events to build community and raise awareness. We utilize events to raise awareness about human trafficking and invite others to join us in this fight. Through these events we have raised thousands of dollars for our organizations.

Shatter the Silence

One of our largest awareness events was at Liberty University. We collaborated with LU Serve and brought in various organizations supported by Jars of Hope. We hosted Hookers for Jesus, Operation Underground Railroad, Proven Men and many others. Annie Lobert was our keynote speaker. She is a survivor of sex trafficking and the founder of Hookers for Jesus. Students also learned how rescue missions work around the globe and how porn affects human trafficking. The event was beyond successful. Over 500 students came that evening to raise their voice for voiceless. 

The Power

of Purchase

This event is by far one of our most favorite to date. At this event we hosted New Creation. New Creation is a nonprofit shop that sells fair trade and survivor made products. Founded by Sabrina, she shared how New Creation started and how others can get involved. Over 75 people chose to spend their Saturday learning about this issue and enjoyed free coffee and donuts all evening. The Lynchburg community came together that evening and made a huge difference. We are so very thankful for this event. 

Trunk Shows

Throughout the year we love to host trunk shows! These events are usually on a smaller scale, but even so they still make a huge impact. Our trunk shows are a great time for women to connect and learn about human trafficking. There is an endless amount of food available from all over the globe. We love to make recipes that represent where our organizations work. We love to give away door prizes and raffle prizes, show educational videos and much more. If you are interested in hosting an event please contact us, we would love to hear from you.


Our workshops are a creative way for people to join Jars of Hope. We host workshops every month where people come to make jars that will go to survivors around the world. People also have opportunity to write cards for victims of human trafficking. Our organizations told us that the girls cherish the handwritten letters. It is such a wonderful time to connect our hearts with theirs.


Holland Home

We also had the incredible opportunity to work with the elderly. The Holland Home residents spent time making pouches for when we package the jars. Grandma Martha lead the event as she taught them how to punch the hearts and choose colors for each pouch. All the participants loved this time together. It brought tears to our eyes to see older women who feel they lack purpose, light up with joy to help those in need.

We also love to partner with other organizations and businesses! If you would like to have Jars of Hope at your next event please contact us.